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Work with Sound is shamanic,

getting right to the heart of things.


I offer the space for you to just be and rest, as sound washes through the

energetic rivers and meridians..

Loosening, releasing, transmuting old wounds and ancestral burdens, so that things become clearer, softer, easier to be peace with.


It's often noticed how sound affects the outer layers that we have built around and about us, causing them to just dissolve, disappear one by one.

Each sound journey letting things go a little more.

Profound and transformational shifts quietly occur as we come home to our true selves.


There is no competition, no race, no arrival point.

Only a desire to connect in with the infinite loving peace that moves silently within and through us all.


When we become absorbed in an activity that we love, playing an instrument, cooking, painting, gardening, acting, dancing, singing, daydreaming, solving a maths question, (for some) any time we lose ourselves in something, we are connecting in to that infinite loving peace.


It is from this place that we are non resistant and magnetically drawing our dreams towards us - manifesting. Regular Sound Baths help atune us to this flow state more easily, The rhythmic, unfathomable sounds of the gongs, confuse our rational brains, so that they can switch down to theta and just surrender as we can descend to the region of the heart and open up to our true divine nature.


Offering us moments of insight, guidance, reassurance and more than we may ever expect.


Hope to see you soon.


with love, 

Annette x 

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